Dreamgirl, Fine Animal, & Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type @ miniBar

With the Crossroads Music Fest on the horizon, some of the great concerts this week might get lost in the wash. That said, leading to Saturday, on Saturday, and after Saturday, there are a slew of concerts to catch. One of these is at miniBar on Friday. The show will feature some of the most accomplished synth pop and indie pop acts of the area and elsewhere: Dreamgirl, Fine Animal, and Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type. Each group brings a unique sound to the stage.

Beginning the night, Dreamgirl will surely become your next music crush. The St. Joe six-piece blends clean pop and beachy vibes to create songs that have a nostalgic undertone to their freshness. On record, each song of their Illuminaughty EP bubbles with a sweet and complicated tone. On stage, the band is tight and commanding. Despite their technical proficiency, Dreamgirl seems rather relaxed on stage. And this juxtaposition perfectly describes their sound: on the hand it is rich and full but on the other it is laid back and fun. In any case, Dreamgirl is an act you do not want to miss.

The Columbus duo, Fine Animal, will follow. While still well within the “pop” and all its manifestations, Fine Animal take their sound in a different direction than Dreamgirl. Ethereal and crystalline, the duo’s sound is mesmerizing. Sounding like Still Corners or Tycho, Fine Animal makes lush soundscapes that never succumb to being purely textural. Below their atmospheric washes of sound, drums and vocals snap each song to rhythms as compelling as the band’s harmonic tones. On stage, Fine Animal takes their strengths and maximizes them–their soundscapes are more lush and their rhythms dancier.

Along the same line as Fine Animal, Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type mixes the tense pop of M83 with the RnB infused melodies of alunageorge. The singer-songwriter layers her voice well to create hazy and stunningly beautiful harmonies and complex vocal rhythms. Likewise, the instrumental tracks beneath Mallin’s voice combine to create soundscapes that move from tense and ominous to cool and aloof quickly. The overlaying of these sonic textures makes for songs that wrap themselves around you and linger there for a while. As complex as Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type’s sound is on record, it will be interesting to see how the band recreates it on stage.

This Friday, Dreamgirl, Fine Animal, and Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type will take over miniBar. Each of the acts brings a unique take on pop–from fun and carefree to dark and dredging. No matter where on the tonal spectrum the bands may fall, they bring a passion to their music that is felt on record and shown on stage. Truly not a concert to miss, the show opens at  9pm, is 21+, and is $5.

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