Death Walking Terror: Cannibal Corpse Live in Lawrence, KS 02/25/16

cannibal corpse

The only things guaranteed in life seem to be death, taxes and solid performances from Florida death metal bands. Seminal extreme music group Cannibal Corpse, no stranger to the area, led a bill stuffed full of death metal to a near-capacity crowd at the Granada in Lawrence on Thursday night.

One of America’s longest-running death metal groups (and, really, the world’s), Cannibal Corpse has been touring and recording music nearly non-stop since their birth in 1988. Their iron horse work ethic is what made them the US’s highest-selling death metal band and still a force to be reckoned with today. Their latest album, 2014′s A Skeletal Domain, debuted at #32 on the Billboard charts – something almost unheard of for a pure death metal band with little-to-no mainstream radio/magazine/whatever support. So it wasn’t all that surprising that The Granada was absolutely filled to the brim by the time the legendary group took the stage.

Opening with Evisceration Plague, Cannibal Corpse ran through their extensive discography – hitting songs from twelve of their thirteen albums. There were slow, uber-heavy numbers with gory titles like Death Walking Terror, Covered With Sores, and Scourge of Iron alongside Corpse’s now-signature lightning-fast solo-filled numbers like The Time To Kill Is NowI Cum Blood, and fan favorite Stripped, Raped and Strangled. Although the members of the band may not move around much during their performances, their inhuman ability on their respective instruments are a spectacle to behold all their own. Bassist and founding member Alex Webster may just be one of the best bass players on planet Earth. Vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher can headbang harder than fans half his age and he still manages his guttural vocals and shrill shrieks with ferocious intensity. The group didn’t focus too much on between-song banter, instead performing as many as 5 songs in a row with no breaks between them. Ending with a particularly crushing of their world famous Hammer Smashed Face and capping off the performance with one of their most violent songs, Devoured By Vermin, Cannibal Corpse went almost as quickly as they came, but not before laying waste to Lawrence and leaving piles of dead bodies all over the place.


Direct support fell to equally legendary, equally high-quality fellow Florida death metal group Obituary. Obituary’s style of death metal is more muddied and slow (in the absolute best way) that explodes whenever the tempo picks up – there’s also a generous injection of groovy riffs and breakdowns. Most of their set came from their first two albums: 1989′s Slowly We Rot and 1990′s Cause of Death. Their set didn’t stop for a second and the crowd loved every second of it, responding with multiple moshpits and crowdsurfers.

The first two opening bands were also stellar. First was Abysmal Dawn, a technical-ish death metal group from Los Angeles that has been touring almost non-stop since their 2003 inception. Their performance was on-point, but minor sound issues kept them from sounding as full as they should have been. The second opening group was Canada’s Cryptopsy. Cryptopsy is a group that has been fraught with controversy ever since their “comeback” in 2008. Replacing seminal vocalist Lord Worm with newcomer Matt McGachy and the album that followed, The Unspoken King, all but permanently tarnished the group’s legacy for some fans. Live, it seemed that the group could’ve used another guitarist on-stage – they played to a backing track that left the sound quality overall a little lacking until something kicked in and made everything much louder and clearer for their last two songs, which happened to be their best songs of the night. Definitely would like to see them again in the near future.

Cannibal Corpse:

1. Evisceration Plague
2. The Time To Kill Is Now
3. Scourge of Iron
4. Death Walking Terror
5. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
6. The Wretched Spawn
7. Pit of Zombies
8. Kill or Become
9. Sadistic Embodiment
10. Icepick Lobotomy
11. Covered With Sores
12. Born in a Casket
13. I Cum Blood
14. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
15. Make Them Suffer
16. Hammer Smashed Face
17. Devoured By Vermin


1. Redneck Stomp
2. Centuries of Lies
3. Visions in My Head
4. Intoxicated
5. Bloodsoaked
6. Dying
7. Find The Arise
8. Don’t Care
9. Chopped In Half/Turned Inside Out
10. Slowly We Rot


1. Crown of Horns
2. Mutant Christ
3. Detritus (The One They Kept)
4. Two-Pound Torch
5. Halothane Glow
6. Slit Your Guts
7. Phobophile

Abysmal Dawn:

1. Programmed to Consume
2. Inanimate
3. Perfecting Slavery
4. Human Obsolescence
5. In Service of Time
6. The Inevitable Return to Darkness


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