David Hasselhoff on Acid Makes Boxing Day Weird

Saturday is the day after Christmas when almost everyone is exchanging the gifts they didn’t want for better ones, when stores everywhere are luring people in with outlandish sales. If this sounds like the nightmare after Christmas, just know there’s a better option.

That night at The Riot Room, David Hasselhoff on Acid will be playing potentially their last show (maybe not forever but in a long while). They will be joined by Odd Fox, At the Left Hand of God, Janet the Planet, and Jorge Arana Trio for a night that will be full of the weirdest, most inventive music being made in the area today.

To say At The Left Hand of God is a metal band is a bit of a misnomer. The band is a metal experience. Mixing the intricate leads of tech metal and the crushing low end of black metal, At The Left Hand of God jumps between melodic and thrashing and back again–a feat that is hard to do without the fast tempos and time changes that keeps their music rigged with tension. Combining their musical acumen with a live show that is spectacular, At The Left Hand of God will not disappoint.

Janet the Planet throws off a completely different sound while keeping all the same complexities of At The Left Hand of God. Jazz and horn centric, the band doles out interstellar grooves and wicked rhythms as if they were candy. Janet the Planet manages to fit so many different styles and sounds into their songs, which makes for an aesthetic that constantly surprises. On stage, the band infuses their songs’ with a cool physicality that works to counterbalance their incendiary rhythms and riffs.

For those who haven’t heard Jorge Arana Trio, do yourself a favor and check them out. The band mixes the energetic noise of The Mars Volta with a jazzy underpinning to make for a sound that is like no other. Weird while still enticing, Jorge Arana Trio makes music that is constantly on the verge of sinking into pure noise–the threat of which makes for a sound that is pure manic joy. And when the band performs live, they cram every bit of this feeling into their set.

David Hasselhoff on Acid has all the urgency of Jorge Arana Trio, the jazz-lace progressions of Janet the Planet, and the heaviness of At The Left Hand of God. In all their songs, the band absolutely crushes its listeners with its disjointed and playful riffs. Listening to David Hasselhoff on Acid is like running across a beach, except the ocean is full of blood and the beach is in outer space and instead of legs you have tank treads. Confused? Good. This is the last chance to catch David Hasselhoff on Acid live for awhile, to be enveloped in their otherworldly feels.

So you have a few options for the Saturday after Christmas. One option is to go to The Riot Room and see this show, which starts at 8:30 and is 21+. I know which I would choose.

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