Damn Fine Coffee: Twin Peaks Listening Party

Tomorrow’s the day, Twin Peaks freaks. Not only will the Mondo reissue of the Twin Peaks soundtrack hit the shelves but Mills Record Company will also have a listening party from 6pm to 8 pm complete with coffee and pie–so in the words of Dale Cooper, “every day, once a day, give yourself a present.” Tomorrow’s present should definitely be stopping in for some digestible treats and combustible wax.

Whether you’re familiar with the show or not, Twin Peaks has a phenomenal soundtrack. It intersperses atmospheric textures with dark, almost noir jazz to create a lush soundscape of tones. Referencing the soundtracks to the foreign films of the 70s and 80s (think Tentacoli, Revolver, or Baba Yaga), the score works to create gnarled twists and turns as it spins–perfect given the stylized soap opera-esque quality of the show’s narrative.

One of the most chilling (and addictive) songs on the soundtrack has to be “Audrey’s Dance.” Angelo Badalamenti anchors the song in danceable melodies but juxtaposes them with moody tones. “Audrey’s Dance,” like most of the soundtrack, perfectly balances sex appeal and danger.

The album’s physical form will definitely match the beauty of its tracks. Pressed on brown marbled vinyl and housed in a stunningly minimal gatefold, the Twin Peaks soundtrack will be as much an art object as it is a great LP. That said, its beauty shouldn’t stop anyone from spinning this record.

While most of the soundtrack is instrumental only, when vocals do pop up, they are always haunting. I’m thinking specifically of Julee Cruise‘s vocals on “Into The Night,” which are breathy and opaque–finding the places to hide within the dreamy instrumental mix. The lyrics to the song are evocative and elliptical–creating their own tension even when removed from the visuals of the show. Much more toned down than Xiu Xiu‘s rendition, “Into The Night” is understatement at its most effective.

Speaking of Xiu Xiu’s reinterpretation of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Mills Record Company will also have that album (and other soundtracks, including some fantastic 70s Italian ones, like Tentacoli, for your perusal), so be sure to peruse the soundtrack section as you drink some “damn fine coffee” and eat some pie (some of which will be made by yours truly) while you listen to the somber melodies of Twin Peaks unfurl through the store.

Truly, David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti make a great creative force. Mills Record Company will only have a limited number of copies of the album (there are more on the way), so stop in tomorrow and listen to it in store and grab a copy for your home. You’ll fall in love with this soundtrack–both in terms of the music and the physical form the music takes.

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