Consider the Source with HMPH and David Hasselhoff on Acid @ Riot Room

This Wednesday, The Riot Room will get a healthy dose of some of the best weird-rock around. From Consider the Source‘s jamming Middle Eastern jazz fusion to David Hasselhoff on Acid‘s dissonant and progressive jittering, to HMPH!‘s mathematical shifting, the concert will be great for anyone with an ear for the experimental and those who want to find how far song structures can be teased and distorted. In a word, Wednesday’s show is sure to be nothing short of raucous.

Beginning the night, HMPH! will play for the first time as a trio. Adding DMac (of Adriana & The Panic among other projects) to bass will definitely give HMPH! a different texture. I have no doubt HMPH! will move as quickly through their disjunctions as they did without low-end, but I am excited to see how this added frequency will help glue their songs together. HMPH! has put on some of the most energetic shows I’ve seen in a minute. Weaving their complexities around you, the band does an excellent job of keeping their technical proficiency while they riff through and improvise over their songs. Definitely not a band to miss live, HMPH! will absolutely incinerate the stage.

David Hasselhoff on Acid is to music what a meat grinder is to beef. Somehow, by mutilating the familiar and reassembling it into something completely strange, David Hasselhoff on Acid creates the juiciest songs. Jumping between tempos and time signatures, keys and modes, the Kansas City band pushes the boundary to what music is capable of doing. Each song is experimental in a way that doesn’t dispel tension but creates it from an accretion of moments. Part metal, part jazz, part noisecore, part psychedelic freak-out, David Hasselhoff on Acid bursts through their songs with an intensity that is impossible to ape.

With the same technical proficiencies as HMPH! and David Hasselhoff on Acid, Consider the Source fuses jazz and rock with traditional Middle Eastern modes and instruments. Sounding like Jil Jilala covering Explosions in The Sky, Consider the Source makes music that sounds as innovative as it does traditional. Having blended eastern and western aesthetics together for over 10 years, the band has undoubtedly inspired some great fusions. From The Weeknd’s melisma to Taken by Trees to Jim Jarmusch, Consider the Source may have been the forefront of bringing these two worlds together. Combining their penchant for uber-catchy fusion with a show that lights up the stage, Consider the Source is a force to be reckoned with on stage and off.

These three bands will be playing The Riot Room this Wednesday. The show starts at 8:00pm and is 21+. So bring your ID and a container to keep your face in once HMPH!, David Hasselhoff on Acid, and Consider the Source thoroughly melt it.

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