Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds With The Pedaljets at Mills Record Company

Mills Record Company is wasting no time getting bands back in the store. Just a week after the 20 band line-up for Record Store Day, Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds and The Pedaljets will perform in store (rumor is there will be homemade chili for all those in attendance). While both bands occupy their own aesthetic, they both lace their songs with distortion drenched guitar hooks and vocals that stay stuck in your mind for days. This Saturday‘s in store show will be an veritable stew of great music.

The Pedaljets mix hook filled pop punk guitar rolls with the growling vocals of more straightforward rock. The mix creates a sound that is simultaneously heavy and weightless. The Pedaljets’ music is sludgy punk that never loses the cut precision of its finely crafted melodies. Their latest album, What’s In Between, mixes brashness with forethought, immediacy and subtly.

The album is made from a collage of thick guitar rhythms and howling vocals. What’s In Between puts together the sounds of late 80s’/early 90s’ post-punk with the genre’s current revival. This is not surprising given the album was partially recorded in the early 90s before the band broke up and partially recorded in the late aughts when the band reunited.

Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds spin out a more soul rooted rock than The Pedaljets. The Kansas City trio makes music that burns slowly. Coiling bass riffs drone under incendiary leads and driving percussion. The band separates themselves from other rock outfits with their vocal harmonies, which are subtle and pitch perfect. This aspect of the Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds’ sound is not lost when they take the stage.

Putting on a show that is one part jam, one part structured material, and one part time travel back to when bands commanded attention with their rock, Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds have a stripped down stage presence that focuses on making music that is taut and visceral. And this ability to focus the audience’s attention is not only a testament to the band’s mastery but also the music the trio creates. Song after song, Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds make unrelenting rock.

Both of these bands will be a treat to catch on stage this Saturday. Whether you’re looking for catchy as hell punk rock or the controlled burn of rock spiced with soul, The Pedaljets and Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds will offer music that will slake your aural thirst. And there will be chili. What more could you want from a Saturday night?

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