From Chaos They Came: Inquisition live in Kansas City 01/26/17


Extreme metal has always been a violent genre of music since its inception, but some bands take it to the limit. Two-piece occult black metallers Inquisition, on an off-date from their tour supporting the legendary Norwegian black metal group Mayhem, hopped on a diverse bill at the Riot Room on Thursday night and what followed can only be described as chaos.

After a lengthy synth-laden intro tape, drummer Incubus and guitarist Dagon walked onto the stage in darkness and launched right into From Chaos They Came off their latest record Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith. Their brand of noisy, unrelenting, a-melodic black metal just created a swirling mass of riffs and blastbeats, punctuated by Dagon’s guttural vocals and the occasional pinched guitar harmonic. Inquisition is hardly a black metal group for beginners.


Dagon walked back and forth between the two microphone stands to deliver his vocals and it’s a good thing he had some room to move since the extremely violent and rowdy crowd spilled onto the stage multiple times. Whether it was the drunkenness of the patrons, the intensity of the music or some unholy combination, this was by far one of the most violent crowd experiences at the Riot Room maybe ever. People were getting kneed in the face, there was blood and bruises and a huge moshpit that barely even stopped between songs – and everyone was loving it. Although at some points Dagon’s guitar setup completely lost sound, he would quickly just walk off stage, fix the problem, walk right back onstage and continue the song from where it left off – it made for a never ending torrent of carnage. After an hour-long set hitting most of the releases in their catalogue, the duo played A Magnificent Crypt of Stars and left the stage as abruptly as they arrived. Stunningly, the venue was still standing and no one had died.


Where Inquisition was unforgiving punishment, Swedish co-headliners Truckfighters couldn’t have been more opposite. Astutely grounded in groove and melody, the trio played about an hour of Kyuss and Fu-Manchu inspired stoner/desert rock that provided the catchiest set of the night. All three members just seemed happy to rock out as well – certain songs had extended jam sessions and guitarist Niklas Källgren even ventured into the crowd during a song. Pretty much any second they weren’t singing, Truckfighters were jumping around on stage, getting the crowd to clap along and genuinely having a great time creating a spectacle with their memorable performance. During their set closer Desert Cruiser the crowd sang parts of the chorus back to the band and it just made them smile. One of the best sets so far this year.

The three opening bands added to the overall diversity of the bill. Direct support was King’s Destroy from New York. Their brand of stoner/doom metal evoked memories of groups like Saint Vitus and even early Black Sabbath. Their bass sound was especially enormous – a quality touring band that deserves much more exposure. The two locals represented both sides of the bill that evening. First was Lawrence’s Young Bull – a heavy rock band with obvious Mastodon and Valient Thorr influences, and easily one of the best bands from the area. On the black metal side was Verräter and is the most intense black metal act in Kansas City. Clad in leather and spikes, the band was every bit as punishing and unforgiving as Inquisition. Wimps and posers, leave the hall.

Inquisition setlist:
From Chaos They Came
Ancient Monumental War Hymn
Hymn for a Dead Star
Dark Mutilation Rites
Vortex From the Celestial Flying Throne of Storms
Command of the Dark Crown
Astral Path to Supreme Majesties
A Magnificent Crypt of Stars


Truckfighters setlist:

Mind Control
Calm Before The Storm
The Contract
Monte Gargano
The 1
The Chairman
Desert Cruiser

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