Celebrate Summer at The Crossroads Flock Party

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means it is officially summer. And with summer comes the annual Crossroads Flock Party–an evening of art, music, food, drinks, and fun. This year, the party will feature skate demonstrations, Pop-up Charlie, Oddities Prints, and Quixotic creating art before our eyes. And before our ears, there will be six full hours of music blasting from a stage–featuring some great bands from Kansas City and beyond.

Of these bands, none sounds more like summer than Paddlefish. The quartet springboards off the unique brand of indie pop that grows in Springfield (i.e. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin). Whereas SSLYBY tends to swerve more toward the amorphous, Paddlefish weaves in a laid back surfy vibe to their infectious melodies. Paddlefish’s fun and catchy hooks reinvent the golden days of indie pop.


After Paddlefish, Weave Pancho and ConductorWilliams will blast some beats. The duo puts out bars like MF Doom’s Special Herbs series spinning under a smoothed over flow (like the fusions of A Tribe Called Quest or The Roots). The combination makes for a sound that is simultaneously hard and catchy. Weaver and ConductorWilliams, though differing aesthetically, make something more than the sum of their parts when they come together.

Moving in a different vein, See Through Dresses are more introverted/introspective than either Paddlefish or Weaver and ConductorWilliams. The Omaha quartet mixes the distortion drenched feel of Sonic Youth with the dreamy shoegaze of Slowdive. The result is a sound that is immediately catchy but one that also has a haunting after-image to it. Alternating between almost crippling melancholy and unhinged joy, See Through Dresses have their fingers on the pulse of what it is to be alive today.

Another band that makes perfect summer music is The Conquerors. The Kansas City five-piece takes sixties garage pop to a new place. Their latest single, You Must Be Dreaming,” has a Kinks meets The Strokes feel. Incredibly catchy and full of fuzzed-over energy, The Conquerors have found their sound, and that sound infuses a classic feel to their distortion-dusted indie pop.

These bands will be joined by Toughies, Warm Bodies, Duncan Burnett & The Outer Circle, and Be/Non for a night of great music, art, food, drinks, and fun. The party will start at 5pm and is totally free. This Friday, come see these bands melt your face; Quixotic, Escapist, Oddities Prints, and Pop-up Charlie blow your mind; and Mildreds, The Sundry, Extra Virgin, and The Bite fill your stomachs. The Crossroads Flock Party will be at 19th & Wyandotte. Get there early for what will be the bash that will kick off Summer ’16.

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