The Cave Girls and Friends @ The RecordBar

This Saturday, let no one even doubt Kansas City’s music scene. The recordBar will host a show that truly shows the best of what we have to offer. Featuring music by john l. keck, That Dragon, The Dynamite Defense, and The Cave Girls. All the bands are local, and all the bands show a good spread of garage rock, americana, and indie–making for a show that is cohesive without being monotonous.

john l. keck makes a type of indie folk that would make Bob Dylan proud. The singer-songwriter keeps a Dylan-esque gruffness and narrative to his songs. That said, keck’s voice, even at its most pained, delivers its melodies and lyrics with a smoothness Dylan could never conjure. With instrumentals that have a surprising depth for a one man band, keck has a gift of being able to layer his songs with sounds without making them feel cluttered. Each song on The Jack Moon Sessions sounds incredibly full and yet they each have room to breathe, moments of clarity in the combinations of harmonica and guitar and drums. And with a live show that has a muted power, john l. keck is not an act to miss.

The Dynamite Defense continues along this line. The Kansas City band has a classic Americana feel to their songs. With songs that jangle through their fuzz-tinted rhythms, The Dynamite Defense straddles the line between rock and country without shortchanging either. The band jumps from breathtaking harmonies and wispy lead lines to grungy blues riffs without skipping a beat, making for a sound that has a constant tension. The Dynamite Defense has a stage presence to match their songs. On stage, the band has a brash physicality that doesn’t interfere with their face-melting solos.

The Cave Girls will cap off the night well. The trio writes songs stripped of every shred of musical fat. The Cave Girls have all the simple and immediate brilliance of Best Coast or The Ramones. Fuzz-thickened and constantly shifting, each song is more fun than the last. Bright and warm, The Cave Girls’ sound is the type that gets better on stage. Their live show takes the substantial energy of their recorded material and multiplies it by ten. Hard and punchy, the band’s live set is equal parts punk rock and party. Watching The Cave Girls play is watching three people do exactly what they love; what could be better than that?

The show starts at 9:30 and is $7. Featuring (the internet shy) That Dragon, john l. keck, The Dynamite Defense, and The Cave Girls, this Saturday at The recordBar will exhibit some of the most fun music Kansas City has to offer. Moving from sandpaper folk to fast-paced garage rock, the show will have something for everyone. Come out early and check out some great local music.

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