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Local Showcase: The People’s Liberation Big Band

If there’s one thing Kansas City is known for, it’s barbeque. If there’s a second, it’s jazz. It’s the sauce that slathers ribs of this city that gracefully straddles the industrial and agricultural. All punning aside, jazz has been integral to Kansas City’s identity since Kansas City had an identity. It still is. And no […]


Local Showcase: The Noise FM

Okay, technically The Noise FM now lives in Chicago. But the duo had its beginning in Lawrence, and the Kansas town’s psy-pop sheen stays close to the band’s aesthetic. From their earliest release to their latest, Attraction, the band has crafted well-structured songs that leave little out. Attraction bubbles with a sexuality that has all […]

Local Spotlight: Quadrigarum

Take one part Sigur Ros at their heaviest, one part SQURL, and one part modified spinning wheel loom, mix together well, and the result is Kansas City based Quadrigarum. The guys in this group include some of the best contributors to Kansas City’s psych scene, but that’s not necessarily what makes Quadrigarum an experience to check […]

Black on Black’s Latest EP Burns Hot

I’m not a big fan of punk. I’m a wimp. I like music that’s slow and wavers with atmospheric glitter. Well, that’s before I heard Lawrence’s Black on Black. The four EPs on its bandcamp are heavy without being blunt, energetic without being sloppy, and punk without sacrificing sound. In other words, Black on Black […]

Local Showcase: Westerners

The Lawrence-based quartet, Westerners, have a seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy. Their live shows are whirlwinds of incendiary guitar-riffs and driving rhythms. Once they start their set, Westerners don’t let up–pounding out songs until the venue bursts with their brand of garage rock. And their recordings bottle this frenzy well. Their self-titled debut EP, released […]

St. Joe’s Kilmaat poised to unleash Architect Of Human Failure

  Strange things are afoot in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The city, about an hour north of Kansas City, isn’t really known for its music scene, but local metallers Kilmaat are looking to make a name for themselves with the release of their debut album, “Architect of Human Failure.” Vocalist William Seay describes the band’s sound […]


Local Review: Fake Fancy

Fake Fancy has no problem doing their own thing, and their debut EP, New People, proves it. The Emporia duo combines jittering beat-head-esque programming with blues-warmed, room-filling fuzz to create their own vibrantly self-aware pop-rock. I say ‘vibrantly self-aware’ because of New People’s second track, “We Hold Hands.” “We Hold Hands” is the longest and […]

Local Artist Spotlight: Wolf, The Rabbit

Wolf, The Rabbit’s latest album, Wolf Era, is almost a year old. Despite that, it still sounds as fresh as its late September release. A mixture of electronic samples and live instruments, the band creates lush swells of sounds. Longer songs build Wolf Era, giving it an air of power by accretion. That said, each moment […]

We Are Voices Release Year I

We Are Voices released one of my favorite albums of 2012, Tread Lightly. The soft, yet immensely dynamic twelve track album carried with it contemporary indie hits that are beyond catchy, songs with extended instrumental movements, and songs that boasted only acoustic sounds.   Last Friday night, June 27th, the quartet released their first installment […]


Paper Buffalo, The Fog, Mike Pedals at Fokl

This Friday, Fokl will host three local(ish) bands who will do nothing but dazzle: Paper Buffalo, The Fog, and Mike Pedals. These bands occupy varying degrees of guitar driven indie rock. Each picks up where the other left, foretelling a show that will be both ecletic and cohesive. Paper Buffalo occupies a dance-y, indie pop […]

Rooms Without Windows Creates Some Joy with “Joy Destroyer”

Not-so-new but still up-and-coming indie pop quintet, Rooms Without Windows, show their pop sensibilities and sonic range in “Joy Destroyer.” The track blends a variety of classic indie sounds (smooth and clean guitarwork reminiscent of Tennis, a thrumping bass like Santah, and lead vocals with a catchiness that sits somewhere between Joanna Newsom and Cat […]

Cowboy Indian Bear’s Latest Video Enchants

The video for Cowboy Indian Bear’s latest single “Ruffians” does well to riff on the excited imagination of the youth and the anxiety it can cause. It draws its image system from Meshes of The Afternoon (flowers, cloaked figure with a mirror face, the threat of a sinister ending, etc.). It does so in a […]

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