BUMMER, Dodecad, Buildings, and Microdoser @ Chum Bucket

Summer is the season for house shows. Of course, they happen all the time, but there’s something about summer’s extended daylight, the sweat, the ability to be outside without freezing to death, the feeling of a cold beverage in the hand that make house shows all the more appealing. This Thursday, there’s going to be one not to miss. Bummer, Dodecad, Buildings, and Microdoser will be playing at Chum Bucket (5425 Lydia). Not only will the show feature some rad established bands, but it will also feature Microdoser’s first show.

Buildings mesh the frenetic feel of punk’s metallic chords with the groove of noise-dance’s heavily effected sounds. Taking equally from acts like Brainiac and Refused, from Jesus Lizard and Thrice, the Minneapolis trio makes music that is a collage of many other sounds. That isn’t to say their music is derivative. Buildings, well, builds on the aesthetic legacy of these bands to create something that is streamlined and more visceral than any of their influences. Listening to their latest, Melt Cry Sleep, it is almost impossible to pinpoint a single emotion to their songs. Musically and emotively dense, Buildings is a force on stage.

Dodecad takes all the noisy tension of Buildings and makes it sludgier. The St Louis trio anchors their songs to a murky bass lines while their guitar and percussion spiral out into a snake pit of sound. Part feedback frenzy, part muddied brooding, Dodecad’s music has the perfect balance of passion and distance. At every instance, the band’s sound seems to move closer to definition while simultaneously skirting whatever it had elected for itself previously. This organic and jerky movement gives Dodecad a unprecedented amount of energy–an energy that translates well to the stage.

Between recording a new album and getting ready to tour, the boys in Bummer have been busy. This house show will be the last time to catch the Kansas City trio absolutely demolish the stage before they return at the end of the month. Listening to Spank, it’s hard to imagine Bummer finding a way to be more unrelenting, more visceral, but based on material on compilations and live footage, their new stuff finds the frequencies other bands can’t begin to touch and man-handles them with ease. Whatever the band has been working on will absolutely melt your face this Thursday.

The show begins at 7pm sharp and only costs $5. It will be the perfect way to get your dose of heavy and a great way to kick off the weekend early. Whether you’re into Building‘s noisy groove, Dodecad‘s sludgy brooding, Bummer‘s punch-first-ask-later aggression, or want to catch Microdoser’s first performance, this Thursday will not disappoint.

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