Build A Wall: Red Kate’s “Unamerican Activities” Will Be Yuge

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With the American political scene turning more and more into a literal circus with every passing day, it seems like just the right time for Kansas City’s Red Kate to release their new album “Unamerican Activites.” It’s both an outpouring of pent-up political frustration and good old-fashioned punk rock that combine together for catchy-yet-unrelenting rock that checks all the major boxes for an incredible album.

Opening with a raucous “You Don’t Speak For Me,” Red Kate blazes through 13 tracks of punk rock that pay heed to those who came before while putting their own personal spin on things. Second track “Get Out” features a bass-heavy melody that doesn’t sound all out of place alongside mentions of The Descendents or ALL. The vocals come across as a mix of Glenn Danzig’s crooning and Lee Ving’s snarl – and Red Kate isn’t afraid to utilize the whole gang on vocals, too.

While most songs put the pedal down and clock in around 2 1/2 minutes, “Punch The Clock” and “Take It Back” measure over 4 minutes each – the latter including a Biafra-esque call to arms spoken word breakdown that should make any old-school Dead Kennedys fan happy. This album is a can’t-miss, new-school take on old-school punk rock from right here in Kansas City.

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Red Kate’s “Unamerican Activities” is released on Saturday, April 2nd and will be available pretty much anywhere. Preview the album here and be sure to catch their album release show at Davey’s Uptown on Saturday, April 2nd alongside The Bad Ideas, Brannock Device & Pedaljets OR the Lawrence version on April 8th at the Replay Lounge with Stiff Middle Fingers and ExtraOrdinary!

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