Brothertiger, Body-san, BLK MARIO @ Riot Room

I have a soft spot for chilled-over electronic arrangements, ones that make no qualms about their ethereal wisps and otherworldly trembling. That said, I rarely get to see this music played and made live. Tomorrow at The Riot Room, Brothertiger with special guests Body-san and BLK MARIO will do just that. Each act draws equally from the dancier side of the electonic spectrum and the dream-pop/shoegaze-y side to create songs that can be melancholic and danceable simultaneously.

Body-san, aka Discoverer, layers crystalline patches over plumbing basslines and compressed percussion to create soundscapes that are lush without being overpowering. The balancing act of a Body-san song is one of give in take. Initial melodies subside into electronic washes and geometric leads that continuously complicate as they spiral out. The result is a sound that fits comfortably in an apartment during a night of relaxation or pumping through a venue’s PA. Truly, Body-san’s ability to work a minimal amount of elements to create a maximal amount of sound is a feat of its own. Additionally, to be able to taper that largess into quieter parts smoothly helps to give the electronic artist variances in their tone. Equal parts quiet melodies and hypnotic rhythms, Body-san makes music that evaporates the spaces between bodies.



BLK MARIO has just about the coolest name I can think of. Beyond that, I can’t find any music by this act. So the show will have a bit of a surprise. Whatever BLK MARIO sounds like (I’m guessing glitchy 8-bit, but I’ll probably be wrong), I’m sure it will be a welcome addition to the other phenomenal acts on the bill.

Brothertiger moves in a poppier vein. The Brooklyn based artist makes music reminiscent of Wild Nothing or Grouper (if Grouper had an electronic cousin). He uses fuzzed patches to give his music a foundation, over which he pours his rhythmic melodies. Moving between percussion driven riffs or ringing leads, Brothertiger’s ability to have a sound that is lush and consistent while simultaneously minimal and surprising is what makes his music so enjoyable to listen to. Brothertiger’s sound sits in between indie pop and EDM and doesn’t short change either genre.

Combining the artist’s musical acumen, his live show demonstrates how seemingly easily Brothertiger can recreate, riff on, and improvise melodies in a live setting. Splitting his time between two synths, arpeggiators, step sequences, vocals, and filters, Brothertiger somehow manages to keep all his parts in order while changing his songs to be new on stage–which is something that live electronic music should do more often.

The show tomorrow will start at 8pm, and tickets are between $8 and $10. The concert is 21+. Featuring some great local electronic acts and Brothertiger, this show will have you dancing or at least bobbing in the dark of some fog machine and laser lights–definitely not one to miss for any electronic music fan or anyone curious to see the genre live.

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