Braggers, HMPH, Opposite Day @ Californos

Do you like math? Do you like music? If you answered yes (or even if you said no to the math part), then Californo’s has a show lined up for you. This Thursday, Braggers, HMPH, Opposite Day will take the stage for a show that stretches from the most divergent and disjunctive math-rock to the most laid back 80s inspired power pop.

Braggers’ aesthetic is power pop at its core and punk at its fringes. The one man band seamlessly melds hook filled melodies with the immediacy of punk riffs to create a feel that is just south of radio indie pop. This positioning gives Braggers all the catch of mainstream music without any of its saccharine affectation. Listening to a Braggers song is to be taken back in time. Surfy and bouncing, Braggers music has a slick energy no matter where the needle lands on the album. And this energy almost guarantees a good transition from record to stage.


What can be said about HMPH that hasn’t already been said? The duo turned trio makes some disjunctive gems. Never comfortable sitting still, the Kansas City band manages to kaleidoscope riff after riff without losing the groove. Their songs, while swerving wildly between feels, time signatures, keys, etc., keep a continuity throughout. Perhaps this is due to the tension HMPH injects into every second of their songs. Perhaps it’s due to the energy that their music radiates. Whatever the reason, HMPH’s songs are written for the stage. With a live show that is as technically proficient as it is energetic, HMPH is a force not to be missed.

Opposite Day takes HMPH’s disjunctiveness and Braggers’ 80s inspired bass tones to create music that is as funky as it is progressive. Listening to Opposite Day is like experiencing a great playlist played all at once. The Austin trio weaves together funk, heavy prog, RnB, punk, post-hardcore, and so many more genres into their mind-bending songs–think Minus The Bear meets The Mars Volta, meets Dream Theatre, meets The Budos Band. From start to finish, their album, Space Taste Race Part 2, bends the fabric of genre with the nuclear reactor levels of energy that resides in their songs. Complex without losing the grit and immediacy of the basest punk, Opposite Day will surely put on an electrifying perfomance.

Whether you’re drawn to Braggers’ bouncing power pop, HMPH’s riff kaleidoscope, or Opposite Day’s genre bending anthems, Thursday’s show at Californos will have something for you. The show starts at 9pm and will be a great way to start the weekend off a little early.

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