The Body, Tongues, and Faultfinder Live!

Kansas City will not slow down when it comes to live music. Coming off the smorgasbord of indie that was Middle of The Map, the city is shifting things to a heavier place. The next few days will be full of concerts that showcase Kansas City’s doom/noise/metal scene. Whether it’s 34 and friends on the 14th or the Metal Alliance Tour or any of the myriad house shows, every brand of metal will be represented. Personally, I’m excited for Monday’s show at Lindquist Press. The show will feature local bands, Tongues and Faultfinder, and national act the body.

Tongues makes sludgy post-punk. The duo layers gritty sonic textures to create almost ambient soundscapes. The band’s ability to tread the line between murky doom and post-punk experimentalism gives them all the groove of one and the wild abandon of the other. Tongues, on record, sounds like the ambien-popping step-brother of BRAINIAC. Mixing drum machines with metallic noise riffs, Tongues creates solid walls of sounds that are sludgy and taut. What more could you want?


Faultfinder moves in a more traditionally doom/punk vein. The Kansas City four piece makes music that resonates within both the head and the body of its listeners. With vocals that shred like The Refused and riffs that bloom to fill any opened space, Faultfinder has a snarl under their steadily increasing tensions. The band’s songs occupy that perfect space between jittering punk and languid doom–an aesthetic tension that makes their songs sound remarkably innovative. Putting on a show that is equally compelling, Faultfinder is not one to miss when they take the stage.

What can’t be said about the body? The Portland based band makes some of the heaviest yet minimal music I’ve heard in a minute. Their latest release, No One Deserves Happiness, out on Thrill Jockey, is the culmination of the band’s desire to make “the grossiest pop album of all time.” And they did it. Combining droning soundscapes and driving percussion with hook filled vocals and throbbing bass lines, the body successfully married a doomy-heaviness with pop’s immediate draw. Throughout No One Deserves Happiness, there are moments of arresting aural beauty interspersed between points of extreme despair. When the body takes the stage, nothing is left intact.

The show begins at 9pm and is all ages. Featuring some incredibly heavy and noisy acts, the show is not one to miss. Tongues, Faultfinder, and the body will turn Lindquist Press into a doom-crusted soundscape. If you have seen any of these bands, you know what this will be like. If you haven’t, then you need to.

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