BLK FLANL Plays Their Latest In Store

BLK FLANL is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting acts in Kansas City right now. Featuring Barrel Maker and Conductor Williams, the duo boasts some of the most intense flows and the lushiest beats I’ve heard in a minute. The first time I heard the duo was on The Record Machine’s compilation, How to Keep Dreaming Vol. 1. The song was “State,” and after scouring the internet I found videos for that song and the glittering “Hands High.”

Their debut album quickly became one of my favorite releases. “Solid from start to finish” seems a bit of an understatement for it. Each song builds from the last, but no spot feels weak. And it seems like BLK FLANL is doing it again with their sophomore effort, BLK FLANL II: For The Imperfect, For The Dilligent. The record is set to be released on March 30th, but five days before Conductor Williams and Barrel Maker will play the album in its entirety in Mills Record Company.

This is not an event to miss. Whether you’ve caught BLK FLANL on stage or Conductor Williams during Dilla Week, you know that the energy and passion these guys bring is something that is on its own level. And while the duo won’t be performing their material, their intensity is palpable on their recordings. Plus, it will be a great chance to meet the duo.

If BLK FLANL’s session at 90.9 The Bridge is any indication of BLK FLANL II: For The Imperfect, For The Dilligent, then the 25th should be considered a citywide holiday. The duo performed two already released songs and teased us with the new joint, “Keep Me Safe.” The instrumentals of the song collage brass samples and bass grooves to make a stunning sonic fabric. Barrel Maker skates lyrical through the songs unfurling with his trademark slow-boiling delivery.

I’ve been listening to this track on repeat since The Bridge the video up yesterday. It shows that BLK FLANL is never satisfied with what they make and will push it closer and closer to perfection. Combining this with the album’s bonus track, “Wins.The.Race.” from their EP, BLK FLANL II: For The Imperfect, For The Dilligent will melt everyone’s face in the best way.

And this listening party will be a good preview for what you will hear on Record Store Day when BLK FLANL and a slew of other bands help Mills Record Company celebrate all things vinyl. Whether you’re new to hip hop or have been listening to it since KRS-One was telling us what the police sound like, BLK FLANL will have some gems for your ears. This Friday, stop by and check out their latest album and meet the maestros behind the sound.

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