Black Friday: How It Works

So, Black Friday is here and so is Shop Small Saturday and we’ve got a weekend planned for you. First of all, we are sending you the entire list of what we received.  We ordered everything but there will be a few titles that didn’t make it to us and so we want you to know up front.  So check that list!  Below you’ll find some of things we’ve planned and there’s a few FAQ’s you’re gonna wanna read.
  • Open at 8 am both days and Oddly Correct coffee and Hana’s donuts on Friday.
  • All the exclusive RSD titles and lots of them. (List is coming)
  • Giant New Release Day (titles that didn’t make RSD list got pushed to this Friday so don’t forget to hit up our New Release wall).  Also, list is coming.
  • Mike Doughty is playing our stage (his new record is released on the same day) at Friday, 7 pm in an all ages/free show.  Go join the event because if interest exceeds space we will implement a ticket situation (free but the number on the ticket will put you in line).
  • Shop Small Saturday will be a party here because we are locally owned and an indie retailer and we’re proud of that. Tons of swag and more importantly thousands (no exaggeration), thousands I mean it, of fresh used records to go out.
  • Sunday, one day only, get 10% off our Gift Certificates.  Password: Vinyl or Die at the register to redeem.  More fresh used vinyl releases to the wild that day.
  • Oddities Prints made us some seriously rad risograph posters and when you spend $100 they’re free while supplies last. They’re part of a “Stay Hot” series and we’ll have t-shirts to sell as part of that campaign.
Limitations: No, we won’t stop you if you want to buy 6 items or 7 items or more.  Because we ordered a lot so I don’t feel like we need to tell you, our loyal customers, that you can’t buy a stack of wax. We will only sell one of each title though to one customer meaning one person can’t buy all the Porno for Pyros cause that’s not cool.  If we don’t know you and you’re buying enough for an army we reserve the right to cut you off cause we want to make sure there’s enough for everyone. We work to discourage flippers cause they falsely inflate the market and aren’t good for anyone but we won’t penalize our loyal customers in the process. Overall, assholes will be managed and asked to leave so you all can have a great time.Loyalty points this time around:  Even though Record Store Day items are notoriously low margin, your purchases will count toward you loyalty program dollar for dollar if indeed you already have an account established.  Because there is always that one 1% that causes issues for us all, we have to impose a few more guidelines.  One, we need your physical, printed in the store from our receipt printer receipt to redeem your points.  Two, they need to be brought to the store so we can record it within 7 days of Black Friday which means by end of day Dec 2.  Also, each credit can be redeemed but with a purchase.  Any purchase really, but a purchase nonetheless.  Also just a reminder that Loyalty credits are meant to be a bounce back program, not a $20 off your in the moment purchase.  If there is no line in the store, we’re happy to just record your points in the moment.  If you’re not on our Loyalty program get on it next time you visit.

Holds: Record Store Day won’t let us do it.  We could lose our ability to sell RSD items in the future so we stick to the rule.
Location: Our space is huge now, but in order to ensure zero bottlenecks we’re spreading the titles like we usually do and we’ll give you map at the door and of course label where things are. 7inches and dvds and cds are mixed in together but alphabetized. We use marker cards for each title so you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for.
A lot of words when the moral of the story is we’ve received over 4 pallets of exclusive, indie records and we want you to come have fun with us and we have a party planned for ya. Thanks for your support and feel free to bring a friend. Or two.

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