Black Friday Preview: Parade of Singles

Black Friday is this Friday. I’ve written about some of the exclusive releases you can find (here), and now I want to write about some more exclusives. Some of the coolest releases on both Black Friday and Record Store Day are pressed on 7″. This year is no exception. From picture discs to colored vinyl, from mumble rap to dad rock, the exclusives you’ll find on Black Friday will be the perfect small gift for the vinyl-phile on your list.

At the center of one of the most controversial recalls of 2016, The Cars may not have won the continued respect of Car Seat Headrest, but the band is admittedly one of the most rocking groups this side of the century. Releasing their iconic song, “Just What I Needed,” on a blue picture disc, The Cars’ Black Friday release is the perfect gift for dads and dad rock aficionados everywhere. Whether it’s the song uber-catchy hook or the unmistakable lead line, “Just What I Needed” is as much a part of the Western art cannon as Shakespeare or Goya.

I wrote about lil Yachty in my previous preview of exclusive Black Friday releases, and he’s back with D.R.A.M. on the die cut picture disc of “Broccoli.” Some think shaped 7″ are kitschy, and they might be right. That said, these releases are some of my favorite releases. “Broccoli” is no different. Shaped like a stalk of broccoli, the mumble rap single is as fun as the song itself. D.R.A.M. and lil Yachty, while not spitting the most complex or nuanced lines, have created a song that is as bright as sunshine–the perfect mix of Anderson Paak and jj.

Moving in the opposite direction, both in terms of presentation and musical style, Napalm Death and Melt Banana are putting out a split 7″ of thrashing proportions. Each side contains two exclusive songs from these two heavy hitting bands. Whether its Melt Banana’s noisy take on grindcore or Napalm Death’s sludgy speed, this 7″ blasts through the pop noise of mainstream music to deliver an onslaught of angular riffs and pummeling rhythms. While sounding extremely different, the two band’s aesthetics compliment each other well–the perfect gift for the noise-loving metalhead in your life.

Rounding out the parade of singles that will be Black Friday is GWAR’s picture disc of covers. The 7″ will feature the best intergalactic monster-fronted heavy metal/punk band covering some of Earth’s least puny songs. Moving from Billy Ocean to The Who, from Pet Shop Boys to the Jim Carroll Band, GWAR transforms each cover to fit their latex-covered, fluid spewing sound. If you ever wanted to hear the above mentioned artists churned out GWAR-style, pick up this 7″.

These three 7″ exclusives show the breadth of styles Black Friday’s specials will encompass. From rap to metal, dad rock to punk rock, there’s a single out there for everyone. Be sure to check out these releases and many more this Friday at Mills Record Company.

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