Black Friday Preview: Budos Band, Death Grips, lil Yachty

Black Friday is less than two weeks away. Whether the draw for you is exclusive records, perusing thousands of fresh-out-the-back used records, or seeing Mike Doughty perform, Black Friday and Small Shop Saturday (the very next day) at Mills Record Company will be an event not to miss. The store will open at 8am both days and will have thousands of Record Store Day exclusive releases, “normal” Friday releases (looking back at 2016, has any Friday been normal?), and thousands of used gems–and for those of us who are morning-phobic, there will be donuts and coffee from Oddly Correct.

Of the exclusive releases, there are three titles that I’m particularly excited for: Fashion Week/Interview by Death GripsLil Boat by lil Yachty, and The Shape of Mayhem to Come by The Budos Band. Starting at the end, The Budos Band’s 12″ will include live renditions of “Avalanche,” “Ince Ince,” and “Aynotchesh Yèrefu” on one side and an incredible etching on the other. If you are familiar with The Budos Band, then you know how these guys can rock through a psychedelic groove. You also probably know how their gnarled take on psych-soul transitions fantastically to their jam-centric stage performances. If not, check out any of their tunes and be prepared for your life to change.

Moving in an extremely different direction is Death Grips’ Fashion Week/InterviewThe two instrumental albums come together on vinyl for the first time on Black Friday. Glitchy and powered by techno-magic, these instrumentals have all the snarl we’ve come to expect from the duo. Fragmented and angular yet full of weird soul, Fashion Week/Interview are some of the band’s most accessible tracks–a perfect entry to the powerful strangeness of one of the best experimental acts today.

Like him or hate him, lil Yachty is one of the most divisive forces in hip hop today. Often called mumble rap, lil Yachty’s sound seems to be a massive rejection of the conventions of the genre–which has, unsurprisingly, upset hip hop’s old guard. To say the young rapper has no craft is not to hear the subtly of his flow. Built from near-rhymed and slant rhymed couplets, lil Yachty sets up a plodding expectation that he usually disrupts toward the end of his verses (by not rhyming)–his raps seem more similarly structured to modern sonnets than hip hop. Listening to his track “Minnesota,” one can hear muted echoes of Biggie and Newcleus in his end and internal rhyme schemes. Yet comparing him to these rappers is like comparing Talin Tahajian to Gerard Manley Hopkins. Complexity doesn’t necessary equate to excellence.

Be sure to catch these exclusive Black Friday releases and so much more at Mills Record Company. The store will be open 8am to 8pm both Friday and Saturday–enough time to find the perfect record for that vinyl-phile on your gift list (and some goodies for yourself as well).

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