Black Friday With Mike Doughty

The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are falling, large men are smashing into other large men for large sums of money. So that can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving and the holiday season are almost upon us. And after we stuff ourselves with turkey/tofurkey, we can fight the masses for deals on Black Friday. At Mills Record Company, we’re making a weekend of it–with Record Store Day exclusives, in store performances, and 1,000s of fresh used records for your perusal. We’ll be opening at the crack of 8am Friday and Saturday to maximize the search time for the best records for your family, friends, and yourself.

But records won’t be the only thing gracing our store. On Friday, Mike Doughty will stop by to play some songs from his latest album, The Heart Watches While The Brain Burns. The show starts at 7pm and will be free and all ages. With nine solo albums and four albums with Soul Coughing under his belt, Mike Doughty is not an act to miss–not to mention we’ll all need some audio-therapy after one of the most hectic shopping days of the year.

The Heart Watches While The Brain Burns is absolutely a tour de force. Hitting the groove running, Doughty is able to create moody soundscapes that refuse to lose their hook. The album’s single, “I Can’t Believe I Found You In That Town,” is part pop, part meta-modern country, and entirely catchy. Of course, the chorus is slick and swelling, but the verses are as agile–shifting through their melodies with an ease that is simultaneously genuine and intensely crafted.

Following the single is my favorite song of the album, “Brian.” Call me biased. The combination of synthy arpeggios and bluesy country riffs gives the song a groovy feel as Doughty croons about a “Brian” (did I mention that, yes, I do love gin?). The song like the album itself is catchy in a I-can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it sort of way. Bouncing between and blending genres, The Heart Watches While The Brain Burns constantly surprises as it unfurls.

And Doughty performs his songs in a way that savors their most arresting qualities. Even though he is alone the stage, his presence is as large as an orchestra. Flitting between acoustic and electric, Doughty’s stage show is stripped down without losing the texture of his albums.

Whether you’re a fan of Death Grips or The Afghan Whigs (two artist being released exclusively on Black Friday), you’ll find something to love in Mike Doughty‘s passionate grooves. Mills Record Company will be opening at 8am on Black Friday and Small Shop Saturday, and the doors will stay open until 8pm. So come by, peep some exclusives, and check out Mike Doughty performing in store on Friday evening.

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