Big Jesus, Existem, LAZAR WOLF, & No Place @ Riot Room

Wednesdays can be the worst–the past weekend is a phantom memory and the next weekend is still very nebulous. But this Wednesday will not be one of those thanks to Big Jesus, Existem, LAZAR WOLF, and No Place. These four bands will take Riot Room’s stage for a show that will rock the mid-week into weekend territory.

The evening will start smoothly with No Place. The Kansas City band’s sound incorporates threads of alternative, pop rock, punk, and much more. The confluences of these aesthetics creates a tone that is more than the sum of its parts. With big choruses and hook filled verses, No Place’s sound is made for the stage. Part early aughts post-hardcore and part progressive math pop, No Place is set to be your new favorite band.


Existem moves differently. The progressive metal band boasts brutal riffs and demolishing percussion. Their songs can dazzle with their rhythmic complexities or absolutely rip open a mosh pit. Whether on record or stage, Existem’s music has a physicality to it, so it is no wonder the band’s live show is a kick in the teeth. Whether you’ve seen these guys before or this will be your first time, Existem, as the heaviest band on the bill, will play an absolutely killer set.

Lazar Wolf’s sound seemingly has no bounds. The quartet blends the big choruses of late nineties alt-rock and the sweeping instrumentals of the best examples of indie pop. The result is a sound that stretches from the ground to the stratosphere. With songs that bounce from joy to melancholy, Lazar Wolf’s sound is perfect for a downtempo evening or for rocking the night away with friends.

Ending the night will be Big Jesus. The Atlanta band builds their songs from turgid, noise-laced riffage and ethereal vocals. Their songs start small and slowly expand into a largess that fully encompasses anyone within earshot. Big Jesus juxtaposes the heavier instrumentals of bands like The Life and Times and Shiner and the more delicate vocals of Smashing Pumpkins. The result is a sound that nods to the alternative 90s without devolving into pure worship. While Big Jesus has a foot in the past, the band continually pushes the nuance of this sound.

These four bands will give us a reason to celebrate Wednesday rather than treat it like an ordinary hump day. Whether it’s Existem’s metal, No Place’s indie pop, Lazar Wolf’s sweeping sound, or Big Jesus’ trudging riffs, this show promises to kick off the Spring season right. This Riot Room show starts at 8pm and is 21+.

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