Best Coast, Wavves, and Cherry Glazerr Bring Summer

Looking at the forecast, it doesn’t seem like summer will be visiting Kansas City for another couple months. But summer is more than warm weather and school-less days. Summer is a feeling, a state of mind. And there are three bands who personify this concept: Best Coast, Wavves, and Cherry Glazerr. These three bands combine surf-pop, punkish rolls, and hazy lyrics to make music that will undeniably be summer soundtracks for years and years to come. This Friday, the three will join forces at The Midland.

Admittedly, I was a bit late to the Cherry Glazerr party. I didn’t discover the band until I came across their 7″ single–Had Ten Dollaz/Nurse Ratched. From its dark but cutesy pop-beginnings to its heavier walls of sound interludes, I was hooked. The Los Angeles trio takes the same simple-but-genius lyrical approach to music as Best Coast but twists it to give it more structure. Where Best Coast’s work has a penchant to bleed into itself, Cherry Glazerr’s keeps their lines sharp. The band’s fuzzed over rhythms and subtle leads translate well to the stage. Giving off a powerful but muted energy, Cherry Glazerr adds a new dimension to their songs when they perform.

Wavves, whether working on their own stuff or teaming up with Cloud Nothings, make music that is anthemic without losing its own vulnerability. That said, describing Wavves’ lyrics and music as “vulnerable” may not be the most accurate description. The distorted pop quartet hits their listeners with palm mutes that explode into shimmering guitar rolls, lyrics that flit between gritty howls and ethereal crooning, and percussion that keeps everything in a whirlwind. Wavves’ energy-packed songs should make for a fantastic show.

As implied above, Best Coast writes simple-but-genius lyrics. There’s something incredibly intelligent to the way Bethany Cosentino can string together seeming non-sequitors to create a complex collage of semi-emotion. Listening to Best Coast’s pop-structured lo-fi anthems, it’s hard to think Cosentino started making experimental drone music in the project Pocohaunted. However, if you listen closely you can hear how her time experimenting with sound helped her develop her current sound.

When the duo takes the stage, they add another layer to their sound. Widening and deepening their already enveloping sound, Best Coast’s live show makes their music bubble over. Combining that with a physical presence that can command even the shortest attention span, Best Coast is an act to catch whenever they come in to town.

The show starts at 8pm and will be the perfect way to cast off February and pretend that summer is here. Whether it’s the dark but cute pop of Cherry Glazerr, the riff-churning dynamos of Wavves, or the enveloping pop of Best Coast, this concert will start the spring season right.

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