Beautiful Bodies in Mills Record Company

This Saturday, Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines will take over Mills Record Company. Each band packs enough rock into their songs to fill the store on their own, so putting the two together in one night seems the perfect combination to fill the store fast (so get there early–the show starts promptly at 6pm). If you need any more convincing, know Beautiful Bodies will be selling advanced copies of their debut Epitaph release, Battles, which comes out June 16th.

While both Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines craft songs that are mesmerizingly chaotic, their respective sounds differ greatly. Beautiful Bodies, obviously having been signed to Epitaph, make gritty and shimmering post-hardcore that squeals through its pop structures. The Philistines, on the other hand, write more meandering songs, featuring heated noise elements and straightforward leads. That said, both bands fill their music with an energy and passion that translates well to the stage.

The Philistines control the palpable angst that lies at the core of their sound. Mixing distortion-rouged drones and staccato riffs, the band seemingly never plateaus–neither in their individual songs nor during their live sets. The result is music that splits the difference between boiling psych and highway rock, music that is as great a foundation to night that will end in a barroom brawl as a trip to another part of the country.

During their live sets, Beautiful Bodies takes the tension from its angular riffs and powerful vocals and twists it into itself. At their most anthematic, their songs demand crowd participation (see the chorus in the video below). And at their most introverted, their songs blister with enough heat to get even the most stalwart straight-edge kid to bounce along. To have a band that is capable of taming a stadium sized crowd (again, see the video below) perform in such a tiny space can only guarantee an exponential increase in energy.

While their live shows do have a draw, both Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines record music that is as satisfying to listen to as it is chaotic to witness. Whether it’s listening to Beautiful Bodies layer their parts over each other or The Philistines build their musical phrases into more complex beasts, each band leaves more than one compelling aspect to their recorded music.

The show starts at 6pm and is all ages and free. Given that these bands are phenomenal, I wouldn’t wait until 6:00 to show up. Mills Record Company will be packed, so get their early, peruse some records, check out the limited advanced copies of Battles, and see two fantastic bands simply crush you with their rock. Is better way is there to start a Saturday? Because I can’t think of one.

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