Bad Ideas Cassette Release @ Love Garden

This Friday will be full of great shows. Harling’s will host a late night smorgasbord of psych-noise bands, The Recordbar will have My Brothers & Sisters with Various Blonde, and The Bottleneck will be throwing a pre-Wakarusa Party with Mouth, Wick-it The Instigator, Andy Frasco, and APLSOZ. Adding to all of the already full line-up will be The Bad Ideas. The Kansas City-based punk quartet will be having a cassette release party at Love Garden Sounds. It will be an early show (starting at 6:30) and featuring Arc Flash and Stiff Middle Fingers. Matty Rat Dragg, who created the cassette’s artwork, will also be showing his artwork.

As I’ve mentioned before┬áhas quickly become one of my favorite psych bands. The Lawrence band jumps between chaotic musical frays and straight-forward indie pop. They consistently push their noisy dance grooves to the breaking point with an energy not unlike Lightning Bolt. And it seems like every release builds on the previous–their musical experimentation is constantly getting stranger and more interesting. Each song seamless blends countless influences–from David Bowie to Death From Above 1979, and its these jumps in aesthetic that makes Arc Flash so fun to listen to and to see live.

Whereas Arc Flash prefers the spacey side of punk, Stiff Middle Fingers prefer a harder, basement punk sort of sound. The band shreds through their songs with a reckless abandon. Their songs are bass heavy and full of screaming–the perfect things, in my opinion, for an exciting show. If there’s anything consistent in their quick-paced sound, it’s their speed. Stiff Middle Fingers tears through its songs as if they were a race. This manic speed makes their shows fun and energetic. The band gives and takes energy from the crowd in perfect symbiosis.

The Bad Ideas has made their mark both in Kansas City (nominated as one of the best punk bands in the Pitch Music Awards) and elsewhere (playing shows at SXSW and any other place punk is welcome (or not)). Their songs are fast and fun. Flitting between slightly political and slightly absurd lyrics, The Bad Ideas bop through their songs with anything but a cool indifference. Their guitar and bass riffs chomp at the bit as the drums drive each song into a frenzy. Sounding like a more aggressive version of The Runaways, the band is as exciting to see live as they are in their recordings.

In addition to the great music, Matty Rat Dragg will be showing his artwork. His aesthetic is like a punk R. Crumb–dirty and intriguing in all the right ways. The artist designed the cassette artwork as well as the show flyers. As I said before, the cassette release party will be an early show. So come by and hear some great local punk and see some rad art.


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