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What’s Inside Conor’s Hat: Conor Oberst and Dawes Show Review

I first saw Conor Oberst in concert in 2004. I was thirteen. He was twenty-four. It was a time when his fans (myself included) shared a propensity to cry out in angst and heartbreak. It’s been ten years, and Wednesday’s concert at Crossroads KC illustrated Oberst’s personal and musical maturation. The songwriter’s change was obvious […]

Sharon Van Etten Streams Album ‘Are We There’

Sharon Van Etten’s May 27th release date for her new album, Are We There, is only a week away but is currently available to stream via iTunes Radio.  Jagjaguwar already put out three of the album’s eleven tracks: “Taking Chances,” a song textured by the juxtaposition of stripped down drum beats with a bright and resonant chorus; “Every Time the Sun Comes […]

Upside Down Mountain Leaves Nothing More to Climb

Conor Oberst’s days of shouting for timpani rolls are over, and it’s probably for the best. If you’ve remained a devoted fan of the songwriter over the years, you probably recall crooning the sappy one-liners scattered throughout the songs in Lifted and much of his earlier work. Maybe you even screamed along until your voice […]

New St. Vincent Track, “Birth in Reverse”

Annie Clark, known by her stage name St. Vincent, has a knack for transporting the tame and ordinary into bizarre alternate dimensions, often teetering between opposing realms. “Birth in Reverse,” the first single from the upcoming self-titled album, set for release on February 25th, waivers brilliantly between the bellicose and the mundane. The song begins, […]

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WHY? 9/30/13 @ The Granada

There’s something fascinating about WHY?’s amalgamation of devoted fans, myself included. The group of ardent followers may not fill up venues, but their presence pervades the space they briefly share. Although Monday night’s WHY? concert at The Granada was nowhere near sold out, we crowded together at the front of the stage, elbow to sweaty […]

5 Guilty Pleasures – Paige Lockhart

My list of guilty pleasure songs just so happens to be comprised of my go-to karaoke jams. Drunken strangers don’t care about my music taste. I mean, they’re definitely laughing with me, right guys? 5. LeAnn Rimes – Blue Between the ages of eight and ten, I used my allowance money to pay for a […]

Okkervil River’s ‘The Silver Gymnasium’

Okkervil River’s new album, The Silver Gymnasium, began streaming on NPR’s first listen yesterday morning, a week before its release date. It’s their seventh album, the first of which deviates from their concept albums rooted in fictional narratives. The songs are set in Sheff’s hometown, Meriden, New Hampshire, and explore an 80’s childhood into adolescence. […]

WHY? Facebook Stalk Fans, Announce ‘Golden Tickets’ EP

Oakland based, hip hop infused indie-rock band WHY? recently announced the details of their new EP, Golden Tickets. Each track details and explores the life of one of the band’s fans using info culled from Facebook and the internet. As the name suggests, purchasing one of the 700 limited edition gold EPs gives listeners a chance to win their […]

A Fan’s Perspective: The Postal Service @ the Midland

  Here’s another unfettered and unedited fan review of a recent show in KC. This comes to us from Paige Lockhart, a student at UMKC and a writer fond of using the F-word as an adjective. (As a part-time English teacher and devotee of the F-word, I can neither condone nor celebrate the usage.) Paige […]