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Relax with Under The Big Oak Tree’s Local Honey

Under the Big Oak Tree might be a long band name, but it fits. The St. Joseph bluegrass group’s second album, “Local Honey,” sounds like the Ozarks in album form. The standard bluegrass elements are there. Mandolin, guitar, fiddle, double bass, autoharp, etc. The harmonies are tight, the vocals smooth and, well, dripping with honey. […]


Mutemath Looks Forward and Back

From the glitched Macintosh-desktop-album art to the 80s synth-and-guitar-laced tracks, Mutemath‘s Vitals is a intro- and retrospective look at lovers, the future, the past, and sweet sweet layered synths. Mutemath has always drawn from an odd collection of 70s and 80s music, electronica, and vintage gear, and that’s on full display in their fourth studio […]


The Shameless Pursuit’s “Fail It Forward” Isn’t a Failure

This year’s been a busy one for local band The Shameless Pursuit. The guitar/bass/drum trio started in January and have already released an EP: Fail It Forward. The six-track album showcases the musical talent of the members while hinting at what’s possible in the future. The quick EP smacks of Foo Fighters, Death Cab for […]


Ratatat’s Slippery Shiny Magnifique

After five years, Ratatat has released Magnifique, which is both a great title and a perfect description of the music: flashy, slick, effortless, and super-processed. But hey, Mike Stroud and Evan Mast practically invented that over-processed octaved chorus guitar/synth sound we’ve come to know and love over that past ten years. (Quick, think of any […]


Muse’s Drones Hits The Mark

Rev it up. Conspiracy and paranoia on full. Bombast and pessimism on full. Another Muse album has hit. Drones, Muse’s seventh album, echoes some of the raw production values of their previous albums while looking wistfully into the glossy future of third-party war and dehumanization. Muse says the album is supposed to be a story […]