“Attak” ft. Danny Brown- Rustie


Are we sure Detroit rapper Danny Brown and Glasgow producer Rustie aren’t twins separated at birth? Never mind the age and race differences. When I hear Brown’s schizoid voice doing cartwheels across Rustie’s rapidly shifting electronic landscape in “Attak” my mind start’s inventing JFK-sized conspiracy theories. One household could never contain so much fiendish energy, so the two were split up for the sanity of their parents.

Developing such an outlandish theory is all I can do to explain why Brown and Rustie work so well together. Some of Old’s most awe-inspiring moments came when the two were teaming up and creating addictive, MDMA-fed trap rave. But efforts like “Side B (Dope Song)” and “Break It (Go)” are relatively “sedate” when compared to the blinding speed of “Attak.” The drum machine hi hats tic faster than a clock in a time travel montage. Futuristic air raid sirens swirl around the track at F-5 tornado speeds. What I can only describe as glitch-ridden noise swipes across “Attak” like an insanely judgmental person on Tinder. In short “Attak” is fast, but remarkably Brown is able to keep up. He raps “back in 2003 used to post up and roll up bag of pounds of meat, used to trap OG with E, Greyhound bus one pair of jeans,” with such lightning quick detail you’d swear it happened yesterday. Brown never seems to be straining, whether he’s remembering his days of slinging or the times he had to scrap. “Knock your brain out the hat while I cop that,” he nasally threatens in the second verse. If he doesn’t follow through on the threat, Rustie surely will.

(Rustie’s sophomore album Green Language will be released in the U.S. on August 26 through Warp Records.)

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