April Showers bring May Listening Parties: Mac Demarco + Slowdive

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Do we have a treat for you this week. We’ll be holding listening parties for two hotly anticipated new releases in our store! Come hang out with us, listen to some good tunes, enter to win some things and get a chance to pick up these awesome albums.

First up on Friday the 5th at 10 AM is our listening party for Mac DeMarco’s third full-length release This Old Dog. DeMarco shouldn’t be a stranger to listeners of the ever-interesting indie music scfene of the past few years. 2014′s Salad Days really catapulted the Canadian singer-songwriter into the public consciousness and this latest album seems prepped for more of that meteoric rise. Combining the stylings of jangly indie rock that DeMarco has shown previously with a soft-rock, almost muzak-esque edge, This Old Dog is uniquely appetizing.

The listening party for Mac DeMarco’s This Old Dog takes place in-store at Mills Record Company on Friday, May 5th at 10 AM. Enter to win prizes like a signed poster, test press and more. We’ll also have the indie exclusive white vinyl of the album for sale!



On Saturday, May 6th we’re having another in-store listening party – this time for Slowdive’s first new album in 22 years. Slowdive’s self-titles release this year is poised to be the comeback album of the decade, provided the band continues on their genre-defining trio of albums from the 90s – Just for a Day from 1991, 1993′s Souvlaki and Pygmalion, released in 1995. These three albums put Slowdive near the top of the pile of dream pop and shoegazing bands around the height of the genre’s formative period. Mood music for any type of day, Slowdive’s self-titled release is probably going to be one of the best of the year.

Join us in-store for a listening party of Slowdive’s self-titled album on Saturday, May 6th at 10 AM. Enter to win buttons, stickers and slipmats – and have a chance to purchase the indie exclusive silver vinyl version of the album!

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