Another Great Show This Friday: Mouth, Kawehi, Wrong Kata Trio

As if this Friday weren’t already jam-packed with great shows (this and that), The Bottleneck will be adding another to the mix. Friday January 23, Mouth, Kawehi, and Wrong Kata Trio will spin some jazz-funk fusion and other sonic experiments for a show that will be anything but predicable.

Mouth‘s jazz-smoothed funk is all but demanded to be performed. Their songs build and subside as they meander their own textures. Mouth takes spacey atmospheric tones and add laid back guitar leads to whip them into a structure, a structure made more dynamic by ever-shifting drums and a steady bass thump. This doesn’t mean that Mouth’s sound is without tension. Under all its groove-centered uncurling, the band shortcuts the obvious pathways between parts to create surprising moments within their songs.

Kawehi does the same thing in her one-woman-band. Sampling beats and layering her vocal melodies over themselves to create an Imogen Heap-esque saturation, Kawehi builds songs almost ex nihilo. There has been no shortage of one person electronic acts from KC’s own Fire For Effect to Sonny Moore’s early releases (before he donned his dubstep persona Skrillex). That said, Kawehi sheds the apathetic posturing for an honesty that is refreshing and surprising. Her mix of synthetic and acoustic elements seems to fit both her sonic aesthetic and visual aesthetic (watching her backflip between looping and layering tracks is mesmerizing).

Wrong Kata Trio moves in a different direction. Less groove-centered than either Mouth or Kawehi, the jazz trio raises each part of their sound to the same level–giving their songs complexity that doesn’t hide. Disjointed at times and seamless at others, Wrong Kata Trio makes music that is impossible to parse with one listen. Improvising and building on previous melodies, the band does well to create a unique experience from one show to the next.

The show begins at 9pm and will feature some musicians that are as amazing to listen to as they are to see perform. Friday at the Bottleneck will offer something for everyone as well as continue the trend great shows in 2015.

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