Album Review: Aprilmist’s “Remembrance” EP

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If you were lucky enough to catch Aprilmist alongside Young Bull and Vivid Zebra at our place around this time last year, you’re well aware of just how promising a group they were. Combining elements of atmospheric black metal with a more modern take on the sound incorporating elements of progressive metal, shoegaze and post-metal, Aprilmist was anything but conventional. Now, a year later, the group has released their 2nd EP Remembrance and above all else, it’s a testament to hard work and a cohesive sound that has only improved with age.

With this new release, Aprilmist has taken a further step into solidifying their sound and it’s very rewarding the hear how much more polished and expansive the groups music is. The first of two tracks, Swirling Gaze, actually may be the more straightforward “black metal” track but it includes a lengthy Dream Theater-esque middle section complete with thick bass riffs and a noodling guitar solo. The atmosphere on this song goes from chaotic and full of despair to beauty and wonderment – and then back again.

The second track, One Last Time, is a bright send-off to Aprilmist’s future. It’s a melting pot of just about everything any self-respecting post-black metal fan wants; like a combination of Deafheaven, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room and even Opeth. There’s even a bit of clean vocals which work wonderfully with the music and complement the more harsh vocals later on perfectly. Although it’s a 2-track EP totaling about 20 minutes in length, it’s easy to see the work and dedication put in to Remembrance that will make it stand out above most others for a good long time.

The best thing about Remembrance and Aprilmist as a whole is that although they’re from here, they do not sound like a group who wants to be just known locally forever. It’s obvious that there is a lot of talent in the songwriting and the performance of this release that is rare to see from such a strong and promising member of the Kansas City heavy music scene. Aprilmist may have just put out the best KC-based metal release of 2017 with only 30 days left in the year.

Listen to Aprilmist on Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook. They have two album release shows coming up – the first at Bubba Spin’s Records and Flop House on December 1st alongside Existem, Youth Pool and Overstayer. Also catch them at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence on December 22nd with Amenaza and Hyperbor.

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