Acts to Catch at Lawrence Field Day Fest: High Dive Edition

On the 11th, I previewed some super rad hip hop acts to catch at Lawrence Field Day Fest 5. Though these artists will definitely pack a punch at the weekend festival, there are plenty more musicians and artists to see. Some of those artists will play the Jackpot Saloon on Friday for the High Dive Records Showcase. Swerving from relentless grime to sugary indie pop, the night will be full of the finest rock you’ll see.

Rev Gusto will start the night. The five piece mixes infectious hooks with jangling surf guitars for a sound that is as laid back as it is taut. The band takes equally from Santah, The Strokes, and Weezer to fit well within the groove of contemporary indie pop. That said, the band’s debut, Burnt Out Friends, does more than retread the sound of their contemporaries. In every song, Rev Gusto is sure to develop a thread that could only be made by these guys.

Next up will be The Tambourine Club. The Kansas City band mixes lush beats and hazy guitars (with even hazier vocals). The aural equivalent of ethereal sugar, The Tambourine Club’s brand of indie pop is surfy without being confined to the beach. Perfect for a summer evening or around a campfire, this band’s music is pure candy.

BUMMER spins out a different vibe. Heavy and visceral, the trio makes music that is more unforgiving than anything else out there. Since their 2015 EP, Spank, the band has been progressing–recording and playing new material that has pushed them further and further into the noisy depths of their feedback machine. Faster guitars, harsher vocals, harder drums, dirtier bass, BUMMER will surely outdo themselves with their new songs.

After BUMMER, The Conquerors will unfurl their trademark garage-influenced pop. Having announced their latest record will be out on August 26th, the band is in their prime–both in terms of performance and songwriting. Hook filled without devolving to the purely saccharine, The Conquerors make music that has one foot in the psychedelic 60s and one foot in the indie pop of the today–the result is a sound that is timeless.

Shy Boys will take the stage next. The trio’s ability to layer falsetto-rich harmonies draws immediate parallels to Beach Boys. And those parallels exist. But Shy Boys move beyond merely being a Beach Boys cover band–infusing their songs with a hazy melancholy that makes their songs catchy and sad simultaneously.

Ending the night, Psychic Heat will prove why their latest record, Sunshower, is the best thing to come out of Kansas City since barbeque. Blending the heaviness of Black Sabbath with the meandering psychedelia of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the Lawrence band has made something that goes beyond words (though I’ve tried: here and here). Psychic Heat’s music absolutely shimmers from their tube-warmed amps and crammed pedalboards. If you haven’t heard or seen these guys yet, this weekend is the time to change it.

Catch these bands (at the High Dive Showcase) and more in Lawrence this weekend during Lawrence Field Day Fest 5.

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