5 Guilty Pleasures – Steven Ervay

My guilty pleasures read a lot like a finger crossing a road map of America. There’s a diverse collection of 90′s, pop, awkward punk, and so on… So here they are, in whatever glory they hold.

5. My Own Worst Enemy
As much as I love 90′s songs, I love 90′s compilation albums even more. There are two things about this song that I can appreciate: a) I have a copy of this song on an album put out by Mix 93.3 in 1999…no jokin’; b) Some of my favorite locals covered it at their final show:


4. Last Christmas
I may be the biggest Christmas music fan you’ll meet. I’m not that over-the-top guy, until it comes to this song. I can isten to any version of this song at any time.


3. Stop, Drop, & Roll
Does anyone recall the time that Green Day did this? Ya, it was a little embarrassing…a little catchy, too.


2. Call Me Maybe
Plain and simple: I got my first speeding ticket to this song.


1. Summer Girls
If there were any song to ID the 90′s in my case, it’s right here: the lyrical genius that shines through, the amazing wardrobe of the video, and not to mention I can bust out any verse at any given time.

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