3 Days Of Darkness In Kansas City

Whether it’s the bleakness of the winter or the ending of the year, the fall and winter months always bring a bit of the heavier bands to the Kansas City area, and 2013 is no different. In fact, this upcoming Monday through Wednesday feature three of the hardest hitting concerts for the Kansas City area all year.

Monday November 18th – Arkona w/ Stonehaven at the Riot Room

Perhaps the biggest treat in these three days of heavy metal music is the Russian folk metal band Arkona. Decked out in animal furs, warpaint, and complete with spears and a bagpipe player, Arkona is a band more suited for eastern European festivals, but they’re gracing the Midwest with their presence on Monday at the Riot Room. The band has been active since 2002, gathering an underground following in Europe, but it seems that lately they’ve crossed the threshold into the public eye here in the States. Touring with bands like Korpiklaani and being a part of the traveling folk metal festival Paganfest has solidified Arkona as masterful live performers, and seeing their epic brand of folk/pagan metal will be one of the best shows of 2013 for sure. Opening the show is Kansas City’s own pagan black metal trolls Stonehaven! This will be one for the ages for sure.


Tuesday November 19th – Neldoreth w/ Putrid Christ, Hubris, Nefirum, Damned by the Pope at the Aftershock

If a tour named “The Satanic Crusades” doesn’t sound like a fun time, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. This touring lineup is stacked full of some amazing underground American black metal. Don’t expect any posers here – this is the real deal! Neldoreth in particular is vicious live, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a Venom cover which should be mandatory for every band to play. Putrid Christ and Hubris’ brand of black metal makes me astounded that they aren’t much bigger than they are here. Seriously – this is one of the most quality evil show lineups to hit this area in a long time. And with locals Nefirum and Damned By The Pope, it can only get better as the night goes on. Welcome to Hell!


Wednesday November 20th – Morbid Angel w/ Tennessee Murder Club, Torn The Fuck Apart, Marasmus at The Granada


This is it. This is the big one. This concert right might be the most legendary death metal show to hit this area in a decade – which is saying something considering it’s one band and locals! If you are into extreme metal at all and don’t know who Morbid Angel is, you need to do your homework. Their debut album, Altars of Madness, is the perfect death metal album, and their third album, Covenant, is one of the highest selling death metal albums of all time in the United States. Arguably, Covenant is what brought Morbid Angel, and death metal, into the public realm. Because of this, the band is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Covenant by performing it in its entirety, along with other classic material. Although Morbid Angel’s latest album was almost universally panned, everyone agrees that they still have a punishing live show and are definitely worth seeing. They remain legendary in every sense of the word. Opening the show is one fantastic trifecta of bands – the masked metallers in Tennessee Murder Club, the insane murdering Torn The Fuck Apart, and the bludgeoning Marasmus. From top to bottom, this is the heaviest show of the year.

Stop in to Mill’s Record Company and ask them where their Russian Folk Metal and Florida Death Metal sections are!


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  1. Sergio

    Three nights of most excellent metal. Thanks for the blog post and the links. Do you have Arkona records in the shop?


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